Sunday at Beni

After a sweltering hot day, hopping from airplane to metro to taxi to train I had arrived at the little village outside of Valencia, Benicassim, on my last minute decision to attend the yearly festival (FIB) for the first time. And my first festival believe it or not! Oh the glory of  being trampled on by the stampede following 'Mr. Brightside', not having to wash your hands or use toilet paper and last but certainly not least having someone vomit on your shoes while (mid) enjoying yourself. 

On arrival, I watched Palma Violets just finishing their set on the main stage where many attempted to crowd surf leading to harassment from security and also where Chilli was being harassed by the crowd. AlunaGeorge's slot seemed to be cancelled but when heading to watch Azealia Banks later on, after her cancelling her gig at Ibiza Rocks last summer, I was let down once again because AlunaGeorge was to come on to replace her. The duo performed a great futuristic synth-y pop set which I'm looking forward to later on this season with London Grammar. I do have a soft spot for Jake Bugg but every time we exchange a gaze I always remember he was supposedly with Cara Delevingne which then makes pretty much everyone else an invalid, that would also explain why he always looks so glum but nevertheless he always puts on the show with his melancholic solo and accompaniment of his band. The Killers. Killed it incredibly, in the least possible stereotypical yet positive way. Largest audience, loudest sound, most lights I've ever witnessed. The only negative was they played the overplayed 'Human', the tune spanish radio stations love, twice in their set. The lightning bolt shaped LED lighted keyboard stand confused me at first as it looked like Brandon was about to give the crowd a speech. After the fireworks and smoky endings I ran off to watch Chvrches a new up and coming band who remind me a bit of Grimes. Lauren, the vocalist, has a cute fringe and face like Claire herself and also sings in that girlier higher pitched voice. Nonetheless, I'm really into the new trio and can't wait till their debut album releases in September.

Very succesfully experienced trip, under an hour away from the white isle. I will definitely be going back next year for the rougher and dirtier 4 days or more!

Photos taken by Sydahl


Indie-y Eye

What an incredibley indie, Ibiza Rocks 8th Birthday that was! Beady Eye, Zane Lowe and Temples. I only saw Temples' last 3 songs but all three were enjoyed with the lead's John Lennon-y voice. The band gave an past era sensation in present day, not only the music but their looks and haircuts. Zane, Rocks' Music Director, took the decks afterwards and gave the crowd a hit of dubstep/drum&bass/trap interval, changing up the mood. After feeling the heat under Temples skinny jeans and long sleeved shirts, Liam took to the stage wearing a coat?! And didn't take it off during the whole gig along with another one of the members in a zipped up leather jacket. They were all looking very 'cool', not showing a lot of emotion. Shades on, head straight. But although the paparazzis chased him on all Liam's travels to see him and his usual bad attitude they were taken aback as I have been informed that he's a chilled guy and has just been maxing out. 

Each week all I've been updating y'all on is Ibiza Rocks, which is a big part of my summer but there is a lot more to it so be ready for a new something or few.

 Song of the night: Morning Glory - Oasis

Photos taken by Sydahl



After missing Pro Green and Mikill Pane, the support which I was eager to see I was glad to be back at the hotel to see another gang of London artists whose music I don't actually listen to but they managed to create a très good and bouncing atmosphere. Especially Tinie Tempah, it was difficult to focus on him because of all his maneuvering around the stage. In contrast to G FrSH, Wiz Kid's replacement ,who had to sit on the side of the stage to recover - perhaps from what, in my opinion, was unnecessary and poor quality 'singing' as an addition to his rapping which wasn't poor at all. His outfit was a shock to me: in all white, gold chain and snapback - this was due to my encounter with him before where he was rocking a african type pattern tee and necklace with Jordan 6 Black Infrareds (on point.) Another massive fashion disaster was Tinie in his fluro green vest and guitarist with his Obey snapback but I'm letting them off for their impressive achievement as I saw Tinie at the same hotel a few years back as a support when he hadn't released an album yet.

Song of the night: Miami 2 Ibiza Ft. Tinie Tempah (Has to be)

Photos taken by Sydahl


Wednesday feat. Friday ChitChat

My presentation to a new found love was revealed this week when The Other Tribe supported Bastille, a band I have been listening to for a while now thanks to XFM's daily repetition of their poppy, synthy, indie tunes. The support's set reminded me of Disclosure at W.A.R. last year, but better (which is a lot coming from me, seeing as I'm a complete Disclosure fanatic) The music felt like dance music being created in the moment with quirky vocals to accompany the other four members. I especially liked their tribal makeup which they had painted on themselves backstage which gave them a  not-so professionally made up tribe-esque image. The night gave a great example of the favouring of the good looking lead singer in a band, Dan walked to the wall to the left of the stage where I happened to be standing and everyone shifted as if he were a magnet leaving me to be crushed between barrier corner and sweaty crowd.

Song of the night: The Other Tribe - Skirts

Photos taken by Sydahl

On Friday, I decided to attend my second We Are Rockstars of the season expecting something to excite me as much as TNGHT had before, with their incredible lighting and on-going trap which I thought people would be more into this summer. I genuinely thought Dubstep would be far gone but Mistajam was still on it along with 'Hot Right Now' and the one and only 'Niggas in Paris'. Yet, it wasn't all that bad seeing as my friend and I found ourselves placed behind a group of guys with the most ludicrous dance moves and miniature mosh-pits which we later found out were (apparently) part of Team GBs Curling team. Sadly, I didn't capture any moments of the night on camera so your imagination will have to do.